Chances and Challenges for Female Entrepreneurs in the New Digital Workforce

Solution Space und das US-Generalkonsulat Düsseldorf laden gemeinsam ein zu einem transatlantischen Dialog

Nächsten Montag, den 13.03.17, 16-18h laden wir Euch herzlich ein

Chances and Challenges for Female Entrepreneurs in the New Digital Workforce

Melissa Fisher, a cultural anthropologist, is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU. She teaches courses in urban culture, finance, and feminism.

Her first book „Wall Street Women“ ethnographically examines how the first cohort of women in finance enacted market feminisms – incorporating tenets of liberal feminism such as equal rights into Wall Street institutions. She also appeared in the 2014 documentary Makers: Women in Business.

Einladung US-Konsulat

Panel Discussion with Melissa Fisher, Eva Mohr and Sabine Röltgen

Eva Mohr is co-founder of, an e-commerce platform for fashion and urban cycling couture, which aims to encourage more people and especially women in cities to ride bikes. She has a background in media and business, published a book about the digital transformation of the movie industry and worked in film, for e-commerce companies and as a consultant for urban innovation. Eva is also a member of Sandbox Network, a global network of entrepreneurs.

Sabine Röltgen, solo-entrepreneur and convinced shareholder, wants to increase share ownership in Germany and in particular among women via talks, webinars and online courses. Sabine startet her own business in 2014 after 18 years in different positions in a multinational company. She is a member of Digital Media Women Cologne.


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