20 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Own Company

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20 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Own Company*

Just pay attention to all these things and success will occur naturally.

Guest commentary by Ömer Akyürek

  1. The company will be the #1 priority of your life for the next five years (at least).
  2. You will lose a lot of friends.
  3. MVP stands for Minimum Loveable Product.
  4. You will look horrible.
  5. It doesn’t matter, if you are an early bird or a night owl, as long as you work 10 hours every day. At least 6 hours with your team together.
  6. You will burn money. A lot.
  7. Only the paranoids will succeed.
  8. The most important aspects of success are: Team, Product & Distribution. In that particular order.
  9. Your love life will suffer. It’s better to find the right partner before you start your own company.
  10. Negativity is something you have to deal with every day and for a very long time. Don’t ignore it, but get used to it.
  11. You need to be obsessed with the problem you’re solving.
  12. There are no such things like weekends. You will be thinking about your company 24/7.
  13. You need to read a lot and I’m not talking about Twitter. Books are your teachers.
  14. Networking is really important. It’s like planting a tree and collecting the fruits many months later.
  15. Your job as a CEO, if you are one, is to keep your eyes on the product and to motivate your team.
  16. Listen to your body and rest when it tells you to do so.
  17. You need to keep communicating with everyone, every day.
  18. Routines will make or break you.
  19. If you want to be successful, be consistent.
  20. Workout. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

BUT at the end of the day it’ll be all worth it. Never forget, that true success is not about wealth rather about having health, love, family & friends. And please never forget that entrepreneurs aren’t born, they’re made. I hope the advice above helps you get a little closer to your goal! Just pay attention to all these things and success will occur naturally and, if you have any questions just DM me @oemerax.

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